Kindred Reflection: Prologue, The River, and The Fire

  • Pretend you are Rufus’s mother.  Describe what happened at the river, including what you were doing, what you saw, and what you think about it.lolo
  • As I was looking for my son I found him near the river. I was so relieved that he was okay but I was scared that i saw a nigga with him. I had no choice but to try and defend him by punching her with all my might to defend my little Rufus. she punched me back and told me to calm down with such strength and might, that I was startled. Never in my life have I ever been spoke up before like that. I was calm because she was helping my little Rufus, plus she was doing something from the second book of kings. finally she helped him I was so relived that  he was just fine. As soon as I tried to say thank you my husband came and saw a the girl wet, along with Rufus, While he was holding his rifle. Tried to stop him and told him, that he got the wrong idea but the second i turn around she was gone. It was like she was never there but i was still wandering who she was with those clothes and her tone of speaking.


My view point is that education is life and that we cant do or go anywhere with out it.

Quote1: live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live today.

Quote2: I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Quote3: The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

Quote4: No man worships education has got the best of education… without a gentle contempt for education no man’s education is complete.

Cool Tool Review

In the past four weeks, we’ve learned about and used different digital tools for our digital literacy unit: Flipgrid, Canva, Animoto and text-to-speech avatars.  Here is a brief description of what each program is and how it can be used:

Flipgrid: Its a website that helps you practice vocabulary words.

Canva: Its good for group work.

Animoto:  It help us see the image of the word and than understand it.

Text-to-speech avatars: When we record each other and say a definition of a sentence.

Out of these four, the tool I chose to review is

Some of the benefits of this tool include

Some of the limitations of this tool include

In the future, I might use this tool to learn how to pronounce vocab words and learn them.

Comparing Traditional and Humorous Approaches

I felt

From Traditional CNN news coverage of events in Ferguson.

I learned That he was going to college and get a good education for a living.
I felt so mad because i am also a color person and you might never know if people out there maybe the same to me or other innocent people.

By using a humorous tone, this text is helping/not helping [CHOOSE ONE] people to understand Jon Stewart’s coverage what’s happening, because he show me how it related to this awful tragedy.
Actress Carol Burnett has a famous quote:


A tragedy is something terrible that happens.  According to the quote, after enough time has passed since a tragedy happened, it can be become funny. In this situation, I think

Information can be received differently in serious and humorous texts.  For example,

Honors: The humorous text in this pairing is an example of Relief/Incongruity/Superiority Theory [CHOOSE ONE] becauseits about racism whites vs blacks.

Gender Discussion: In class on Wednesday, we talked about gender. Some of the messages we receive are that girls grow up and tent to be more are mature than boys.

TED Talk Connection: In the TED Talk “Comedy is Translation,” Chris Bliss says, “take a little bit of time each day and practice thinking funny, because you might just find the question that you’ve been looking for.

Selected Clip: Steve Byrne

Main Points: That girls are more mature than boys from the start.

Why I Chose This: I choose this because he had a point plus it was pretty funny.

What the Author/Comedian Is Trying to Accomplish:  He is trying to make us laugh by saying that girls are more mature than boys and that boys are more immature than girls.

Theory of Humor: Superiority,relief, or incongruity 

The Part I Found Funniest: The part i found the funniest was when in fifth grade girls know what it means to grow up in life. 


reflection to wanda skyes


Title: I’ma be me
Author/Comedian: wanda skyes
What are the topics addressed by this text? Being gay.

How does this text use humor to address those topics? She sarcasm and screaming. 

Which part did you find funniest and why? She said she was black a lot.

It’s harder being gay than it is being black… there’s some things that I had to do as gay that I didn’t’ have to do as black. I didn’t have to come out black” I think that when she said that being  gay is harder than being black i think shes right.